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Thank you to the Bare Naked Ladies "If I had a MILLION  DOLLARS"  I would  buy you a Ire-Land

And this page would be filled with pictures and Ancestry info of our homeland. Lucky for the earth that I'm dirt poor,

cause I don't know if I could muster up the will power to control the inner desire, of adding to the demise of the planet

and to global warming by jetting over to my home island IRELAND, which is still under the yoke of the british empire.

Wait a minute ....... maybe I'll sail over like our ancestors did one hundred years ago?

Well until that day at least my dreams don't cause any damage to this once beautiful planet.

My Beach.   Baby's Beach

Some day though, this page will have genealogy research info into

The O'Brien Family and The O'Leary Family of The Great Isle of Ireland

Assisted by the internet and edited  by a lunatic that's me Alfy.