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Welcome to

"OLD McDonalds Farm"

Your Grandma & Grandpa's Homestead and Farm

Pictures of this time are presently being obtained.

( Pre War before Governments and Corporations and greed took over and trumped "humane treatment" of animals.)

Once upon a time family farms loved their animals, but now Corporations call them production animals.

Mostly Females, (ungodly) Hybrids birds harvested at 8 weeks of age and for their parents it's even worse.

Cows and Pigs permanently kept pregnant for milk production and continuous litters, (calves torn from mothers at birth)

White egg layers, their beaks burned off, "little slaves" in extremely confined cages, manipulated by lighting, shocked by starvation during molting to produce more, and discarded as animal feed after 1 or more years of production. 

If you ever see theses birds in a transport truck going to slaughter, You will notice they have hardly no feathers from being stressed out during their short little lives!  Turkeys are also treated in the same deplorable overcrowded living situations, if you can call it living?  

As you can see we are getting worse not better when it comes to humane animal treatment,

and what does the Government Do nothing as usual, except it supports the Corporations.


We can't even tell the truth it's so criminally deplorable. 

Turning living breathing creatures into cartoons.

A childs image of farming today

the mockery of it all


confided animal feed operations called "CAFOS"


The most abused species are poultry

Why did we lose touch with reality and go industrial on the Animals?

( "speciesism"  ) 

Superiority? and/or apathetic-niavete`? and/or stupid ignorant greed? and/or corruption?

Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations

Images of C A F O s

more to follow



 Cree Indian Prophecy


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NOT the END of the STORY