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 Artist Alec Godden with "Port Dover Beneath the Seas."


Good morning Port Dover and the world in general! Artist-Sculptor A.J.Godden completed and installed his latet masterpiece, for a well known patron of the arts a Doctor Gentleman extraordinaire and an artist himself in the modeling of wildlife figures.


 This newest vision by the artist Alec Godden is of burnt stainless steel and is a sculptured view of the sea bottom and has not been officially named by it's owner, but is already drawing admiring eyes by all that have the privilege to see this one of a kind stunning and somewhat shocking view out of the mind of this master artist of sculptured welded art.



Alastair Godden is in his eighties now and shows no hesitation to the challenge of producing more masterpieces as required by his demanding clientele and art lovers alike "Retirement is for the mediocrity" he is quoted as saying and then laughs.  




Visit, Support Portdover's Museum on lake Erie.


Alec Godden Article Janet Hepburn

Alec Godden Metal Sculptor Published in Norfolk Hub March 2008

Janet Hepburn is a writer and poet. Her poetry has appeared in a number of journals and anthologies. Her poetry was shortlisted in the Free Fall Annual Poetry and Prose Contest. She has been a regular contributor to a regional weekly newspaper, writing personal life stories of passion and success. Her travel stories have been published online. Flee, Fly, Flown is her first novel. She lives and works in Port Dover, Ontario Canada.







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