* Please Consider VEGANISM the Ethical Choice, while we wait for Animals to be given Rights *

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Vegans and vegetarians are only people with the same faults as all human beings, but we are trying to stop the suffering of Animals. That's All! 

 "Please Note This Declaration"

This is a declaration of appreciation to the farmers and corporations that treat their domestic animals (mammal & fowl & aquatic) with respect and kindness, and humanely house, breed, feed, transport and slaughter their livestock.

This statement is made to separate the weeds from the chaff, not all individuals need regulations, but there are those who have no morals, scruples, or conscience, with little or no respect for the animals in their care, and are irresponsible and should be prosecuted for animal abuse.

The truth of the matter is these so called agriculturalists see these  animals as money making machines, product producing units, slaves of the food industry, and the ugly fact is, the all mighty profit is their only concern.

These creatures that we slaughter and eat are voiceless, defenseless, mostly female "sentient beings" and desperately need our help!

This is why we need organizations like (http://www.certifiedhumane.org/) and others as well and the support of our governments to help /not fight this cause, for the right and proper way to treat animals, and that is with respect and appreciation for their sacrifice.



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Disclaimer. Please note all opinions are that of the author of this website page. "Nickie.ca" also I personally have no prejudice against meat eaters I was one for 30 years before waking up to the facts. But I have little tolerance for ignorant, greedy and cruel people. 

The purpose of this site is to promote Animal Rights Laws and to stop or alleviate Animal Cruelty, Abuse and Suffering.

We are also concerned with "Food Safety" which includes the health of all animals, but also includes the labelling and verifying of all food products including; Geneticlly Modified Organisms plants, animals, fowl and aquatic sea creatures. All things edible by humans. 

Vegetarianism and Veganism

Yes "Hitler" may have been a vegetarian, but you can be damn sure he did not choose that life style because of his love for animals, there are many health advantages to being a vegetarian or vegan; but I must interject there are many very kind, compassionate and humane people that are meat eaters and farmers of meat products in this world and it would be an insult not to acknowledge these individuals.

First being a "Vegan or Vegetarian" is not for everyone and it does not make you superior to anyone, in any way, or any closer to your "God" but it is more healthy for you and think of all the animals that need not die or suffer in this 21st century new world order of calculated corporate profit making large scale industrial farming. (To big to fail is replaced by to big to succeed just like big government.) 

Remember Adolf was the leader of the "Third Reich" and a member of the "Aryan master race" the bigger better superior race?  But he was also a pompous, sanctimonious, delusional, egocentric, racist, bigot a cold hearted, violent, megalomaniac and mass murderer. (Just another one of many in the history of our world) Being a vegetarian did not make him any more kinder or humane.

Personally I do not see myself as any better or purer for being a vegan, (in fact I am not overly proud of my past) but I do see veganism as a peaceful, humane and lovingly alternative. It is also a boycott against the inhumane practices of mass factory farming or the "confinement and warehousing" of animals (like inanimate objects) in this new corporate capitalist world of industrial mass farming.

(Research the 17-18th century Industrial Age "Child labour" wages and hours, conditions of work, 7 days a week ) 

This is how we are treating the farm animals we eat ....... but only worse!

I know we are what we are, but try not to see all of these creatures as dumb animals, they truly are not, in fact they are "sentient" living "conscious" beings in many ways the same as you or I. All the virtues we hold sacred, these animals also value, sexuality, family, consciousness, freedom of choice, the ability and desire to survive. But they are denied most of these virtues because they are not of our species. Human beings generally speaking are racists towards all other creatures. see "Speciesism"

Veganism and vegetarianism is not an easy diet to adjust to and it is not for everyone, there are also disadvantages, especially to growing children. So may I suggest you consider eating less animal products and consult with your doctor.

But be aware of and support "people for the ethical treatment of animals"  or "mercy for the animals"  and demand legislation to protect them, use your voice for them at these websites. 

"Canada department of agriculture"    "USA department of agriculture"

"Do beware all dietary changes including veganism and vegetarianism need medical consultation and have repercussions to your health!" Supplements are often required.

Also consider the enormous cost of the "commercials" used by corporations to influence you towards eating animal products every day. 

If you do become a vegetarian or vegan or eat less meat two things would occur, you would be healthier that's a fact, (also remember absence makes the heart grow fonder so you would actually enjoy the taste and smell of meat more if you ate less) and secondly and most important millions of animals would need not suffer and die.

I thank you for that on their behalf.


















The G M O Truth

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